Beard Oil

What is Beard Oil and why should I use it?

Beard oil is a combination of carrier oils and essential and/or fragrance oils that is used to condition facial hair and the skin underneath. Beard oil has many benefits including helping to eliminate beardruff, dry/coarse facial hair, hair breakage, red and itchy skin and acne. Beard oils and balms help to hydrate the facial hair, unclog the pores of the underlying skin to help promote hair growth and the body’s production of natural oils as well as leaving the hair better looking and smelling.
The carrier oils that we use are some of the best for skin and hair and are widely used in lotions, cosmetics, shampoos and soaps. We use a combination of Jojoba, Argan, Hempseed, Grapeseed, Sweet Almond, Meadowfoam Seed and Vitamin E oils as the base of our beard oils, balms, waxes and washes.
Our essential and fragrance oils are purchased only from reputable sources who have been in the industry for years. We use only top of the line essential oils that are of the highest grade and concentration. We try to use essential oils in all of our products due to their potential therapeutic effects, but when we do use fragrance oils we only use those that are skin safe and recommended for use in lotions, cosmetics, soaps, etc.

How to use Beard Oil.

After a warm shower or bath, towel dry your face and beard. Your facial hair does not need to be completely dry. Place about 5 to 7 drops of beard oil in the palm of your hands and rub together. Massage into your beard including the skin underneath until evenly applied. Use a wide-toothed comb (especially for thick beards) to ensure even distribution and to eliminate any tangled hairs. Applying beard oil before combing helps the comb glide through your facial hair, therefore, keeping the comb from pulling hair out of your face.  For the best results for your beard, use alongside our beard balm and mustache wax.